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it starts with a dream

Our story goes more then 30 years back in time, where we as children had dreams and thought how those dreams are unreachable. It goes even more back in time when people lived hard life which today we see as romantic and beautiful.

In 2010 when a group of dreamers and lovers in the sea  first met and shared their dreams. Our Lighthouse Adventures started and told the tale of the lighthouses and the people who kept them as a treasure for two centuries. LuxMediterraneum was born.

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boutique sailing programs

For your pleasure we offer you our balanced Adventure open sea sailing program. For other tailor made programs contact us.

It is a 6 days sailing from Dubrovnik to Lastovo, along with the accompanying recreational and thematic activities. We will take you to an adventure with a fully equipped sailing yacht to:

  • Experience authentic life on board in comfort
  • Get to know the beautiful cultural and natural heritage of the southern Adriatic
  • Take home unforgettable experience

Discover Open Sea 

Adventure Open Sea Sailing is a journey for fans of the deep blue sea and hidden coves who do not care for the crowded summer destinations but instead prefer authentic and rarely seen nature and the absolute silence that only lighthouses at sea offer.

Dubrovnik to lastovo

Our journey begins and ends in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Dubrovnik. It’s known for its distinctive Old Town, encircled with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century which are immersed in the blue Adriatic Sea. On this journey, we tour big and small islands, we enter their interior, explore famous and less-known sea caves, and swim in their turquoise blue sea.

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we offer tailor made programs and cookies


For your group, family and friends we offer you our services to make a tailored program that includes sailing and other activities like recreational activities, gourmet visits and more.

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Are you looking for a reliable tour operator partner? Contact us for business inquires and partnership. We would like to connect with those who share our passion.  

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