it starts with a dream …

Our story goes more then 30 years back in time, where we as children had dreams and thought how those dreams are unreachable. It goes even more back in time when people lived hard life which today we see as romantic and beautiful.

In 2010 when a group of dreamers and lovers in the sea  first met and shared their dreams. Our Lighthouse Adventures started and told the tale of the lighthouses and the people who kept them as a treasure for two centuries. Legends of the light and LuxMediterraneum was born.

Lighthouse adventures

LEGENDS of the light

After more then 2 years of documenting stories and organizing trips to make photo and video materials, in 2017 Legends of the light was issues. A book about lighthouses and it’s souls. 

In 2018. a documentary is in production and soon we believe we will round up our first project. But that is just a beginning. New adventures are waiting for us and you can join and support them. 

With a link below we will take you to our project and NGO website where you can find out more about Legends of the light and LuxMediterraneum.

Our project

small steps make it happen

Once hard life on a ships and lighthouses today is a relaxing experience, escape from reality in which we are getting close to nature again. Today we are developing sailing programs with the purpose to cherish our nature and culture and to give our guests unforgettable experience.

We started sailing and living on a 7 meters sailboat,  visiting romantic places and meeting many interesting people from all over the world through our Lighthouse Adventure.

Do you share dreams like that with us? Once hard life on a ships and lighthouses today is a relaxing experience, escape from reality in which we are getting close to nature again.

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Featured Team Members

Matea is sailing since 2009. She started just for fun, and later she stayed as a volunteer and instructor in a sailing school. Now her job and life is very related to the sea and sailing.

MaTEA Kobescak

Office manager & guide

Vlado loves to be in nature cycling and hiking. Sailing was another step into that experience that he started in 2010., from a sailing instructor to a skipper on a sailing yachts.  

Vlado Odribozic


The blue bag

The Blue Bag is an environmental challenge with the aim of giving the sea what it gives us; purity, beauty & love. If each sailor were to fill just one bag of drifting refuse per year, the sea would say: “THANK YOU”. The Blue Bag isn’t an obligation, instead it is a challenge.

As part of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea is considered to be one of the cleanest seas in Europe. Croatia is amongst the top three countries, along with Cyprus and Malta, in the cleanliness of the sea. Still, our sea has been affected with the appearance of refuse. Take a moment to find out more on website

Open Sea Sailing

Adventure Open Sea Sailing is a journey for fans of the deep blue sea and hidden coves who do not care for the crowded summer destinations but instead prefer authentic and rarely seen nature and the absolute silence that only lighthouses at sea offer.

About the program

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we offer tailor made programs and cookies


For your group, family and friends we offer you our services to make a tailored program that includes sailing and other activities like recreational activities, gourmet visits and more.

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Are you looking for a reliable tour operator partner? Contact us for business inquires and partnership. We would like to connect with those who share our passion.  

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